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Custom T-Shirts Gold Coast

If you’re looking for something a little different in a t-shirt, why not come in to one of our two Gold Coast stores and create your own. Whatever occasion or reason, we can help you create the perfect fit.

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Custom t-shirts for gift ideas

From a novelty gift idea to a specialised custom design, a t-shirt can make a great gift for the person who has it all is just difficult to buy for. Choose from one of our many designs with quotes and images or create a unique design. Personalise a t-shirt with a name, or photo or a familiar emblem such a Superman, Darth Vader, or Batman along with a name.

There are many ways to mix and match colours and designs to come up with a unique design or one that is perfect for a fan of a movie, pop star, or a theme.

Do you have a sports jersey that you want personalised, either with your name or your favourite player’s name and number?

Need a great gift idea for a teenager or sports fan? Bring in a photo of a pop star or sports star and we’ll print it for you. We have all sizes of singlets, t-shirts, jackets, and winter jumpers so you can be sure to find something suitable.

Got a nickname? Impress your friend or family member with a truly original gift.

Custom t-shirts for souvenirs

Remember your Gold Coast holiday adventure with a custom souvenir t-shirt. Why take you holiday snaps home on your phone when you can wear them? We can create family or group matching t-shirts, father and son t-shirts, husband and wife, t-shirts for twins, for sisters, brothers, anything you can think of. We can use words, images and/or photos on any t-shirt to create the perfect souvenir.

Custom t-shirts for clubs

Show off your team or club with a custom t-shirt in your team colours or with the name of your club on it. We can customise each one so it has a unique identifying team number or team name.

Custom t-shirts for schoolies

Come in and see us with your group of friends and we’ll help you create matching custom t-shirts that you’ll be able to wear and keep as a memento for years to come.

Custom t-shirts for hen’s nights, buck’s nights birthdays

Memorialise a special occasion with a custom t-shirt. We’ll help you create something unique, funny, memorable or all three!

We can print photos from your phone or visit our store and choose from our range of instore designs, colours, and fonts.

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