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The humble T-shirt comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and trends these days, so when choosing the best T-shirt for you, what is important to keep in mind?

  1. Neck-line

T-shirts come in a variety of cuts. You can choose from a round-cut, crew cut, V-neck, collared shirt, to name a few… Whether you are choosing a design for your work team, yourself or a few friends, bear in mind that each neckline can complement a different figure. A scooped neck T-shirt is often favoured by woman and the addition of a collar can smarten up the corporate T-shirt, so before ordering a crew neck T-shirt why not explore the pros and cons of all the options.

  1. The fit

T-shirts come in a variety of fits. Again, you need to look at your audience before choosing a particular type. If you are catering to a range of shapes and sizes you might need to adapt each shirt to the body type, a tight-fitting shirt on a fuller frame can be quite uncomfortable and unflattering, or a baggy top on a smaller frame can look equally as bad.

  1. Colour

Make sure the colour you choose compliments the design you are getting done. If you are getting T-shirts for the sales team or a buck’s party, make sure the colour T-shirt does not affect the photo or logo’s clarity.

  1. The Cut

Visiting the Gold Coast and getting T-shirts, you might want to consider sleeveless T-shirts to stay comfortable in the hot and humid Queensland weather.

  1. Fabric

Consider where and when you will be wearing your T-shirts. A cotton T-shirt is nice and light-weight, perfect for Queensland’s hot and humid conditions. Some synthetic fibres can be thicker and heavier, which might work well in the cooler climates of Melbourne.

  1. Design

When choosing your design for your T-shirt remember that as you walk around young and old will be exposed to your artwork, so try and keep it tasteful. You can also choose between embroidery, digital printing or screen printing. Choose the finish that is the perfect fit for you.

Custom T-shirts are great for hen’s nights, buck’s nights, birthdays and corporate attire. We can help you create something unique, funny, memorable or all three!!! Come see us on the Gold Coast.

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