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Terms and Conditions



Here at Xpress Tees, we have a certain pride that stands behind the products, prints and service we provide. And whilst we will always strive to uphold our standards with every order, please understand that there are certain circumstances beyond our control in which we cannot be held responsible for. These are:

  • Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the customer.
  • Inferior quality or low-resolution of uploaded images.
  • Design errors introduced by the customer in the design creation process.
  • Errors in user-selected options such as product type or size.
  • Delivery/Shipping times

All purchases are made-to-order, so please examine your designs, product choices and size breakdown carefully and correct any mistakes prior to placing your order.

In an effort to keep costs down and pass substantial savings along to our customers, Xpress Tees does not proof designs for approval prior to processing.


The print method used for your job will be at the discretion of Xpress Tees. Xpress Tees has the ability to screen print or direct to garment (DTG) print, however the final choice of print method will be made by Xpress Tees after considering quantity, colours in print and turnaround time required for your job.

Our basic rule of thumb;

  • Less than 20 units = DTG
  • Photographic images/high detail/multi coloured = DTG
  • 1-2 colour prints 20+ units (per design) = Screen Print
  • 3-4 colour prints 50+ units (per design) = Screen Print
  • 5-6 colour prints 100+ units (per design) = Screen Print

If you have any concerns around how your job will be printed, please contact us to discuss options prior to placing your order. If Xpress Tees has not been informed of a preferred print method from the customer, we have complete authority to make the final decision and hold no blame or accountability in the event the customer has received a print of an unexpectant or dissatisfied finish.    


Xpress Tees does not create artwork for customers. Xpress Tees requests that all customers provide the necessary digital art files for their print. The customer is responsible for creating the art and Xpress Tees is not responsible for generating or editing customer art. The customer is also responsible for the quality and resolution of the digital art. Xpress Tees reserves the right to deny printing services on the grounds of inadequate art quality or image resolution. Xpress Tees may decide to use an image that does not comply with the art guidelines, but Xpress Tees is not responsible for any negative outcomes caused by that art.

Xpress Tees prides itself in its high quality screen printing and direct to garment techniques, but at times there are restrictions to the capability of printing in general. Xpress Tees does not guarantee the printing of any line, dot, negative space, or piece of art that takes up less than 3 pixels or is less than 3 pixels wide. Xpress Tees does not guarantee the printing or legibility of any text that is smaller than 6pt font. Xpress Tees will attempt to match all colours in the customer’s art, but Xpress Tees is not responsible for any colour variance between the art, mockup, and print. Xpress Tees is limited by the Pantone Colour Book, and colours can change drastically based on shirt colour and various other factors. If a customer needs to ensure a specific outcome of a print, Xpress Tees always recommends to order a sample shirt first. 


Xpress Tees offers a proofing service which displays Digital Mockups of your final product. These are computer generated pieces of art designed to emulate how a customer’s print might look on the selected garment. These Digital Mockups are not exact representations of how a customer’s print will look when received, nor are they an exact representation of the customer’s blank. Xpress Tees is not responsible for any misunderstanding regarding Digital Mockups. All blank colours and ink colours in a Digital Mockup are merely estimations and Xpress Tees is not responsible for any discrepancy between the blank or ink colours in a mockup and the blank or ink colours in the finished product. The Xpress Tees Art Department hand-creates every Digital Mockup, attempting to anticipate how the art will react to the blank, printing process, and other colours. The Digital Mockups do not account for every possible printing issue, and Xpress Tees is not responsible for issues which are common to screen printing and/or direct to garment, but are not displayed in the Digital Mockup.

When a Digital Mockup is completed it will be sent to the customer for approval. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer acknowledges that approval of a Digital Mockup is considered an official agreement with Xpress Tees. By approving the mockups, the customer accepts full liability for any issues with the art that are shown in the Digital Mockup. These issues include, but are not limited to: typos, misspellings, incorrect colours, missing information, discrepancies caused by seams, pockets, or zippers, clashing colours, incorrect placement, and incorrect sizing. Further changes may be made after the mockup has been approved by direct contact from the customer to Xpress Tees before production on the product has begun, but Xpress Tees is not responsible for anything that has happened to the order before the customer makes the changes, and the customer may incur further fees or costs for changes occurring after approval of the mockup to be determined at the sole discretion of Xpress Tees.

If a proof has been ordered, Xpress Tees is not permitted to move forward with an order until all proofs have been approved. If a customer fails to approve their proof associated with the order, the order will be put on hold. All turnaround times, including guaranteed turnaround, are contingent on the customer’s approval of the mockup and only refer to the time between all proofs have been approved and when the order ships from Xpress Tees.

Digital Mockups represent the customer’s art on a specific garment size, (usually a Medium unless that size is not available). If the order includes multiple sizes of garments, the art may look very different on larger shirt sizes. The art does not scale up with the shirt size, and any change in art size must be set aside as a separate design and priced accordingly. Additionally, garment size will vary from brand to brand and style to style; Xpress Tees is not responsible for any discrepancy in garment sizing or dimensions between the mockup and the final product. Xpress Tees is not responsible for any confusion regarding the sizing of a customer’s art on varying garment sizes.


To keep up with our turnaround promises, we move FAST! Orders are processed and stock is ordered almost immediately, leaving a very short window of opportunity to accommodate for any changes, so please be sure of all items and order information prior to submitting. 

  • No changes or cancellations are accepted for rush or 24hour turnaround orders. 
  • If you wish to cancel an order (Standard turnaround), we must be notified within 24 hours of placing your order. You will then have a choice of the following two options;
    1. Credit your account with the total spend value.
    2. Cash refund minus 20% of total spend value.
  • If you require any changes to your order (Standard turnaround) such as sizes, design, garment colour etc, you must be in contact via email within 24 hours of placing your order.
  • Xpress Tees are authorised to sell decorated garments only. Please make sure that all items have a design prior to checking out as any blank purchases will immediately be refunded less 10% admin & processing fees.


It is the customer’s responsibility to select garments for their order. Xpress Tees may offer advice or suggestions, but Xpress Tees is not responsible for any potential problems or unsatisfactory outcomes related to garment selection. Additionally, Xpress Tees is not responsible for any issues related to the garments themselves. Xpress Tees is solely a printing company and has no relation to any blank manufacturer. Xpress Tees will attempt to look for any factory damages, but any issues with garments must be taken up with the garment manufacturer. Xpress Tees will not offer any refunds or replacements on orders that are deemed unsatisfactory based on issues with the garment. Xpress Tees is not responsible for any issues with the print that are caused by the blank, including, but not limited to, excessive migration, seam inconsistencies, sizing inconsistencies, or colour inconsistencies.

Xpress Tees does not have an in-house inventory of garments and therefore will not have blank garments before the order is finalised. If a customer chooses a garment that is currently unavailable, the projected ship date may be directly affected. Xpress Tees is not responsible for any delays caused by unavailable garments. At times, our suppliers may be out of stock in a certain style/colour/size. If you have placed an order that includes an out of stock item, we will follow the below procedure;

  1. Contact you via phone or email and offer an alternative product choice.
  2. If no other product is suitable, we will advise you of the restock ETA to which we can either a) Reschedule your job until all units are back in stock or b) Proceed to print and dispatch the in-stock items and send the remaining items once back in stock (Additional freight charges will apply).


Due to the possibility of file problems, technical malfunctions, or unforeseen changes with orders, time sensitive jobs should be planned in advance. Turnaround times reflect an average completion time of a normal order. Xpress Tees reserves the right to adjust any estimated turnaround time quoted to a customer at the sole discretion of Xpress Tees. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the customer expresses consent to Xpress Tees’ authority to adjust or extend all turnaround times on the basis of order quantity. Turnaround times are quoted in working business days only. Weekends, Holidays and transit times are NOT included in turnaround estimations. Turnaround time is calculated from one work day after an order is finalized to the package shipping from Xpress Tees. It does not include the shipping time from Xpress Tees to the customer. Shipping and transit times are outside the control of Xpress Tees, and Xpress Tees will not be held responsible for any delays once the shipment has left our shop. Shipping and transit times may vary based on multiple factors. See “Production & Delivery” for more details on shipping and transit times.


Screen printing/Direct to garment printing is a complicated process. There are many factors that may cause print inconsistencies. Xpress Tees is not responsible for issues that are classified as standard textile printing inconsistencies. These issues include garment issues (varying textures, colour accuracy, factory damages), print-related issues (tone shift, fabric migration, fibrillation, inconsistent registration), size inconsistency (caused by fabric stretch), and print placement inconsistency (expected tolerance of 2.5cm in any direction). These issues are inherent to the textile printing process. Xpress Tees does everything we can to avoid these issues, but we are not responsible for standard screen printing/direct to garment inconsistencies. Xpress Tees will not provide any sort of refund or replacement based on issues regarded as inherent to the printing process. Xpress Tees will be the sole decision-maker in such situations..

Xpress Tees is not obligated to inform the customer of the specifics of the printing or pre-production process. Xpress Tees is constantly improving and innovating our processes, and the printing specifics could change at any time. This may cause (positive) changes in the final product over time. Xpress Tees is not obligated to inform the customer of any changes in the printing or pre-production process, nor is Xpress Tees responsible for any inconsistencies in reprints based on those process changes.

Additionally, any print which interacts with a seam, pocket, or zipper is subject to inconsistency and damages. Choosing to print near one of these obstacles will often cause discrepancies (gaps in the print, lost registration, cracked or misaligned prints) which are not fully reflected in the digital mockup. We strongly suggest that you avoid these high risk areas, but if you choose to print on or near a high risk area, Xpress Tees is not responsible for any issues that may arise. Therefore, we will not accept returns on items damaged as a result of printing in a high risk area.


All orders placed are subject to a variation of a 2% damage rate within each order. Therefore, Xpress Tees highly suggests ordering a 2% overage for each size to ensure an adequate number is received. Xpress Tees will not be held responsible for any shortage within this 2% variance, and the customer will not be entitled to any sort of credit, reimbursement, or reprint of garments within this 2%. 


Shipping and transit times may vary based on several factors. On standard turnaround orders, Xpress Tees has the right to adjust shipping times and delivery dates at our discretion. Any specific delivery date is an estimation and is therefore non-binding. Xpress Tees will not be held responsible for any estimated delivery dates quoted during customer correspondence. Xpress Tees handles your order with great care, but we are not responsible for any loss, damage, or shipping delay caused by a delivery carrier.


All discounts quoted to a customer by Xpress Tees is to be considered an indefinite estimation of a temporary price. Xpress Tees is under no obligation to honour any discounts quoted to a customer or advertised in any form, and pricing is subject to change at any time without warning. 


All returns claims are subject to approval by Xpress Tees. Returning goods to Xpress Tees without official authorization of the return will not be recognized and will not be eligible for a refund or credit to the customer account.

Xpress Tees must be notified of your issue within seven days of pick up or confirmed delivery of your goods. Your reasoning/claim must be present in over 2% of the delivered garments, and must be the direct fault of Xpress Tees. If a return is approved, Xpress Tees may award the customer a full refund of the invoice, a credit to the customer account, OR a reprint of the merchandise free of charge.


If any customer’s failure to follow the Xpress Tees User Agreement leads to legal action on the part of either party, the customer will be held solely responsible and liable for all payments or charges associated with the customer account as well as any and all legal fees undertaken by the customer or by Xpress Tees during the process of any legal proceedings.


These Terms and Conditions apply to Xpress Tees and all associated affiliates or subsidiaries. Xpress Tees reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason. It is the responsibility of the customer to check these Terms and Conditions for changes. Any continued patronage of Xpress Tees services following the posting of changes will indicate that you accept and agree to any changes made to these Terms and Conditions by Xpress Tees. By initiating the order process with Xpress Tees, you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms and conditions.