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Xpress Tees have brought their unique brand of custom T-shirt printing from Canada to the Gold Coast.

With many years of experience, a great product and some creative license we have been bring some personality to T-shirts all across the Gold Coast for more than a decade now.

So why choose Xpress Tees for your screen printing custom T-shirts?

  • If you are on a girls or boys weekend away and decide you would like some custom designed T-shirts to liven things up, it doesn’t matter whether you are a meticulous planner or spur of the moment you can book in advance or no need to plan ahead when you can come into Xpress Tees and get it done whilst you wait.
  • Xpress Tees has the largest selection of custom T-shirt you’ll find on the Gold Coast.
  • We are in easy to find, we have two centralised retail locations for your convenience.
  • Want quality? We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality custom T-shirts, so whether you want them for your staff or just a fun jaunt you can guarantee that they will look good for years to come.
  • You don’t need to buy in bulk. Whether you want just one custom T-shirt for yourself or you are planning to buy for all your staff no order is too big or too small for us.
  • Our custom T-shirts quite simply look great!

Get creative and get into Xpress Tees. We are your custom T-shirt store on the Gold Coast.

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